Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a fresh and exciting season we are about to embark on!

Well it seems that you see that we are PREGNANT! HOLY COW! I cannot believe that we are going to be parents! This season of our lives is SO unexpected, but we are more than thrilled, excited, and all the above emotions that you think of! Ironically, I have been late in the past! In fact, in November of 2009 I was 12 days late and thought I might be pregnant, but after taking 3 tests realized that I was, in fact, not pregnant. Apparently, my body skipped ovulation which caused me to be so late. So, I thought that this must be another skipped ovulation or stressed induced. On Sunday during church I was holding Alex, a friend of ours 5 month old, and it was like a voice whispered in my ear to go take a test. After waiting anxiously for about 30 seconds there it was a + sign on the pregnancy test. (I'm pretty sure that my heart skipped a beat, and I immediately started crying) I ran to get a friend to make sure I was not imaging everything and sure enough I wasn't!

Then I needed my Jenn! I had someone pull her out of service and come get me! We looked like a bunch of giddy school girls talking about our first kiss all over again. Then I pulled Ryan aside and we hugged as he told me how freaking excited he was! We had to do something because at this point Josh had no idea. So, a friend of ours ran to the Dollar Store and got a toy for each sex, wrapped it up, and we pulled Josh in another room to share the news. So Josh sat there as Ryan, Jenn, and I celebrated the news....he on the other hand kept repeating, "This is joke right? You're screwing with me". After realizing that I was tearing up and it wasn't a joke we embraced in the longest hug EVER and celebrated!

So we have taken 3 test, all different kinds, just to ensure that we did not run into any false positives. My first appointment is next Monday with Doctor Davidson at Baptist. (He also delivered Marissa, Ryan and Jenn's middle child)

So today I am 5 weeks pregnant and could not be more happy! I'm feeling great, minus some serious fatigue at night and dizziness but other than that I can't complain!